Friday, November 29, 2013

Kürassier Regiment von Zastrow

I have just received pictures of my finished commission of the Saxon Kurassier Regiment von Zastrow, GM von Thielemann's Brigade, GdD Lorge's 7th Heavy Cavalry Division during the War of 1812. They fought at the Battle of Borodino with great distinction. The unit is modeled here at General de Brigade 1/20th scale strength, as it would have been at Borodino. It was painted for me by Carl Robson.

I followed the plates by Peter Bunde for the uniform details. I now need to add a standard to complete this regiment.


  1. Très belle peinture superbe régiment de cavalerie. A bientôt Christian

  2. Very nice! I have the same unit in my painting queue and these will serve as great inspiration!

  3. Lovely unit, I have tgem to paint to only in 18mm. Great inspiration!