Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WW1 Flight: Two Different Experiences

First, I purchased on STEAM a new release of a four years mature flight simulator that looks only at WW1 but in considerable depth. What an experience!

After many mishaps, I'm beginning to get the hang of "Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition", a couple of safe take-off and landings anyway. I tried my hand flying a big Felixstowe flying boat, and landed it safely on a river in France, totally amazing experience. This is flying, not a flight sim. The Training Missions are vital. 

In a totally different vein, somewhere between a miniatures and a board game, my first set of Wings of Glory arrived today, a Dual Pack featuring an Albatross D.Va and a Spad XIII. Very nice, smaller than I expected and the same with the cards, but an excellent use of space. I'm impressed. I'll try a few solo rounds tonight.

Unusual to have two ways of experiencing WW1 flight, both look very good in their own, very different ways. I missed both of these in their earlier releases but I've found them now.

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