Sunday, March 31, 2013

92nd Gordon Highlanders at Kandahar, 1880

Inspired by the famous painting by Richard Caton Woodville, I recently commissioned the 92nd Gordon's to add to my Colonial armies. These were painted by Carl Robson using figures by Perry Miniatures from their Sudan range.

Here is Woodville's evocative painting of the 92nd Highlanders and 2nd Gurkas storming the Gaudi Mullah Sahibdad at Kandahar, 1st September 1880.

Here is my recreation of the Gordon's. The uniforms are a few year's later but are the best I could find.


  1. Wow, quite beautiful, as is to be expected with your colonial troops!

  2. Absolutely superb! I've just finished painting my own Gordon Highlanders (1812 ones) and so I know firsthand the dedication (and masochism!) required to paint tartan!
    Check mine out on my blog:
    Great stuff again!!