Sunday, February 17, 2013

Craft Weekend

Craft Day became Craft Weekend for the first time this 3-day weekend. As usual, we set up in the West Wing with a full agenda of projects and games.

Craft Day: Lots of different projects

Will on Space Marines. "Darn GW resin!"

...and Jeff prepping Soviet AFV's

Michael re-basing SYW's for "Maurice" Rules and the Gordon's for NW Frontier "The Sword and the Flame"

Fire up the Compressor

Jeff's Airbrushing Demo

Donna shows interest!

The game for the weekend was "Price of Honour" in the Conflict of Heroes series by Academy Games. A tough fight between Polish (Michael) and German (Will) troops resulting in an unexpected Polish victory when a lone PZL 23 arrived and strafed the German column.

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