Monday, January 21, 2013

Commands & Colors Ancients

So what have we been playing recently at our Craft Days? Mostly "Command & Colors, Ancients". Cate, Will and John gave me the game. Good work Cate finding a copy, as it is currently out of print.

Expansion games 4 and 6 are in print and it was inevitable I had to buy them.

Expansion game 1 is also out of print, very hard to find and critical to being able to play the games in Expansion 6. 

We have played a number of "block games" over the last two years. Although I had resisted them for a long time, they actually got me very interested in board game again.

The gaming experience was greatly enhanced by playing Expansion game 5, "C&C Epic Ancients II". This game combines 2 sets of boards and a new set of cards that produces large but very manageable games, with interesting command rules for multi-player games.

The Battle of Plataea, 479 BC, in "epic" scale

The Battle of Plataea was our first "Epic" game. We were able to get into it very quickly after having already played several standard C&C games.

Michael and Jeff took the Greek side and Will the Persian

Greeks triumphant!

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